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My husband and I went on a road trip three weeks ago.  San Francisco to Los Angeles in a rented car.  It was such an amazingly beautiful trip, and it ended up being our favorite vacation to date.

Big Sur!
Big Sur!

We were so lucky to meet up with three couples along the way.  Dear friends whom we rarely get to see because they live so far away.  We stayed with friends in Santa Clara, Ventura, and Redondo Beach for 4 nights of our 8-night trip.

For three of the other four nights, we took a risk.  Because we didn’t know exactly where we’d be each day, we decided to make our  hotel bookings each night.

The first night, we brought up the website around 6PM, after blissfully watching dolphins and whales and pelicans off the coast of Half Moon Bay for an hour.

So many options!  We sorted the options from lowest to highest.  We chose a $70 room with an 8+ rating.  It was a “last minute value deal” with a full price north of $150.  It was a fantastic room, extremely clean, super pleasant owner-operator, and a modest continental breakfast to boot.

The following two nights we got even bolder and booked $65/night rooms.  More success!  Super cute old-school drive-up rooms.  All owner-operated with pride, all clean and quiet, all in great locations.

I’ve also used in New York City at the last minute with great success.

I don’t know if it was because we didn’t care about name brands, or if we lucked out with our trip timing, or if is huge in California, or if this is even something I can really recommend trying.  A quick search for a downtown Boston hotel room for tonight is… sobering.  $309 is the cheapest room in downtown Boston on a Tuesday night?  Yikes!

All I know is that during our California trip, was our best money-saving tool.


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