Don’t Buy Underwear at Marshall’s

I went to Marshall’s yesterday to buy underwear.

I walked in.  BOOM, shoe section.  I looked through all of the shoes, but didn’t see anything I “needed.”  But right next door – SWEATERS!  Such a nice looking French Connection sweater, only $29.99.  I love that brand, but don’t buy it because of the price – kismet!  And then another beige sweater by Michael Kors.  $29.99, which would look great with leggings.  I grabbed those and continued on towards the underwear section.

Five steps later I was deep in to the handbag section.  And then I was trying on sheer-ling Ugg gloves, gorgeous, marked down to $79.99.  And then I was considering whether I needed a new mud mask.

I put the Ugg gloves back.  Underwear.  I came here for underwear.

But what’s that?  Gorgeous socks!  Beautiful, patterned, high quality, comfy socks!  Snowflake patterns, SmartWool, I was swooning.  I grabbed three pairs.  At this point I was juggling two sweaters and three pairs of socks, more than $80 of merchandise.  On to the underwear!

But first – pajamas!  I haven’t bought new pajamas in forever and there was such cute Christmas-themed stuff.  And wouldn’t my husband like me better if I wore fuzzy pj pants with candy canes?  No!  Focus, Nicole!

Finally, I got to the underwear.  It took all of thirty seconds to see they didn’t have what I was looking for.  So I turned to leave and landed smack in the middle of… the kitchen section.  The evil, evil kitchen section.

And didn’t they just get a gorgeous shipment of “handpainted, made in Japan” little bowls and food savers-  super cute!  And only $3.99 per bowl and $6.99 per food saver.

I needed this stuff.  I was down several food savers from gifting food in the past few months, and this stuff was gorgeous.  And cheap!  I also scooped up a spoon rest for $2.99.  I already have one, but wouldn’t it be convenient to have two?

At this point, I ditched the sweaters on a rack of dish towels.  And the socks.  I had pulled out four little coordinating bowls and two food savers.  So I was “down” to $30.  That’s not bad, right?

I was already over the sweaters, but at this point I still badly wanted the socks and had my heart set on the bowls and food savers.

Then I started thinking big picture.  Shit from Marshall’s is the kind of stuff that immediately gets absorbed into a home and becomes lost money.  I started to imagine seeing the thirty bucks on my credit card statement a few days down the road and to think hard, what was it that I bought?

Also, my mother just gave me some very nice little bowls.  Why did I think I needed more?

Ugh.  I put it all back and left the store.  I hate Marshall’s.

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