Total Wastes of Money

The soda stream The break-even point on an $84 soda stream is a lot of frigging soda water.  Another amazing marketing success story!

The Apple Smart Watch Not only are they ugly and expensive, every single person I’ve ever seen wearing one has an iPhone not more than a few inches away.  Talk about redundancy.  Again, marketing – Apple has convinced these people they “need” the watch.

Vitamins.  Except folic acid for the ladies.  Another marketing coup.  Just eat a balanced diet.

Pet clothing.  I’ve bought my fair share of pet clothes before.  What a crazy-stupid thing to buy.  Dogs have hair to keep them warm.

Dyson hair dryer.  A hair dryer for $700 is a thing all because of the dulcet tones of some British dude.

Fit Bit.  Your Fit Bit is stupid.  If you must obsess over yourself, use free  SmartPhone apps.

Roomba.  No one needs to pay $500 for a vacuum.

Diamond rings.  Diamonds are all marketing, ladies.  There is a glut of diamonds, which is carefully controlled by the diamond cartels in order to artificially inflate the price.  Spending $15,000 on a diamond is no kind of insurance policy for a marriage.  Being nice to each other is a much higher level of security, and it is free.

Platinum wedding bands.  Some of the men don’t like to be left out of the wedding spending frenzy, and they feel that because the man’s band is so much less money than the lady’s ring(s), it’s not such a big deal.  Well platinum dulls like crazy, and scratches, and generally looks plain awful after a few months.  I don’t understand why jewelers are so quick to tell you that it is the only metal that doesn’t “lose weight.”  It looks like shit.  Platinum is more marketing genius.  My husband’s wedding band was $20, from Amazon.  4.5-star rated by 335 smart customers.  He gets compliments on it all the time.  It doesn’t make him love me any less.

Books.  Go to the library!



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