You Don’t Ever Need to Go in to the Hallmark Store

But what about…


AKA dust collectors.  You don’t need these, and your mother and grandmother are real tired of pretending to enjoy receiving them as gifts.

Snow Globes

No one actually likes these.  Only wistful movie characters.

Christmas Ornaments

You have enough.  Also, check out this link.  Would you ever buy a Barbie or Star Trek Christmas ornament online?  No?  Then you shouldn’t buy it in the store, either.

Gift wrap, bags, tissue paper, bows

Buy it on super sale after the holidays at the grocery store.  Before the holidays?  Wrap in brown paper or newsprint, have the kids decorate.

A single ball of Lindt chocolate by the register

75 calories and 55 cents.

“Active Lifestyle” shoes

C’mon now.  No one goes in to the Hallmark store planning to buy orthotic shoes.  It’s hella expensive collateral damage.

Painted Wine Glass

Again, no one actually likes these.  People seem to enjoy purchasing them, but no one wants to drink wine from these monstrosities.  They frequently show up at garage sales covered with dust.

Special card that Sings

These singing cards are annoying AND crazy pricey.  Get a silent card at the grocery store. 

Puzzle of a Kitchen

Ask around – your friends are dying to unload several puzzles.

Fun socks


Here’s the bottom line: when people try to re-sell stuff from the Hallmark store – be it at a yard sale, or online – no one wants to buy it.  No one.

There’s something alluring and nice about the Hallmark store.  Heck, it even smells nice.  These people know how to market the hell out of a  kneeling figurine of a little girl praying in her nightgown.

But once you get those items out of the store… it’s junk.  You don’t need more junk.  Stay out of the Hallmark store.

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